**Phil 2:13 for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. NIV

When one sits down to do a jigsaw puzzle, one picks up a piece at a time and the pieces go together one at a time giving a glimpse of the big picture. Patience has one enduring through a few hours to a few days to getting the whole thing put together and the result is seeing the whole picture. Going through life experiences, believing God makes it easier by giving perspective that there is a reason for it all happening. Though the reason may not be known at the time of the situation, there is the hope that it will make sense in the future when reflecting. God always pulls it together not necessarily the full picture all at once, but usually piece by piece, a perspective at a time and this process can take a lifetime. It usually does not make complete sense all at once. Patience is required on our part. As we gain experience, we also gain wisdom, and as wisdom is added so is our understanding of what God reveals to us as to why He is doing what He is doing to get us to where He wants us to be in His plan. Along this journey, our job is to keep living out what we learn by seeking Him, trusting and believing Him, and continuing ahead, where He would continue grow us in the process. He can also give us pieces of the puzzle that donโ€™t seem to be related to one another, but will fit in the same picture later in time. He does not want to overwhelm us, but to protect us. He gives us time to absorb what He is revealing to us that we would be confident of His work. He ensures our well being before going onto the next step along the way. While on this journey, He is open to our questions, in which His answers will encourage, enlighten and inspire, navigating our way. There is comfort with the thought that He is always working with, in, through and around us leading us to the full picture where all the pieces collected along the way, put together will make sense.